Monday, July 2, 2012


Happy new year! 
The first semester had passed and yet it's my first time to post something here. Maybe, journalism has taken much of my time to write personal stuff. And, I was too busy (the way my gay friend always commented everytime my relationship status is changed), too busy to contemplate and write my thoughts. 
I have a feeling that in the next months, this blog will once again perform its role as my sanctuary. I have a feeling that writing here again will help bring me back to myself or should I say pick up the pieces of me (if there's still something left)...  

C'est la vie... As my friend Jef said "dawat dawat" (acceptance).   
See you in my next session.

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julienne said...

Hello Lor! basa2 lang ko :)
film fest karon weekend sa Cinematheque! weee